Association Suisse de l’ Ataxie de Friedreich (ACHAF)

La Chenaletta
St.Aubin CH-1566

Telephone: (+41) 2 6677 2256

Ataxia in Switzerland
We estimate that there are 200 patients with ataxia in Switzerland but only 36 are members of the French speaking organisation aCHaf.

Our aim is to inform and help people concerned and affected by Friedreich’s ataxia or other ataxias in Switzerland.
We are a group of volunteers working on a private basis. We receive no grant from the government – all our income is raised by friends and supporters , or is generously donated by trusts or foundations.

What we're working towards
Finding treatments and a cure: We co-fund and promote research with the aim of finding a cure in the near future.

Improving care: We want to ensure the best possible medical and social care for people affected by ataxia

Raising Awareness: We want to raise awareness of ataxia to the wider general public.

Providing Support: We provide information on existing services to people affected by ataxia, which will enable them to have the maximum possible choices on how they live their lives.

Supporting people living with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA)
We provide a variety of information on FA such as its impact and the practical implications of living with ataxia. For example we publish our magazine, PARCOURS, twice a year.
We also provide opportunities for people to meet at our annual excursion and meeting.

Raising Awareness
We raise awareness of FA in Switzerland partly by being active in alliances, such as ProRaris - Alliance Maladies Rares- Suisse, Swissmedics - Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Muskelgesellschaft, ASRIM Association Suisse Romande Intervenant contre les Maladies Neuro-Musculaires and Pro Infirmis.