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Ataxia in Ireland

There are around 250 people in Ireland with ataxia.

Ataxia Ireland

Founded in 1980, Ataxia Ireland is the national support group for people affected by Friedreich’s and other genetic ataxias and their families.

Ataxia Ireland provides support to all those affected by this devastating disorder from the time of diagnosis through all the difficult stages and to assist them in navigating through the world of disability.  We are reaching out to support those living with Ataxia and working to provide their needs.

 Our services include:

  • Supporting families

  • Providing transport for members to attend hospital appointments, therapies and Ataxia Ireland social functions

  • Providing assistance and information on allowances/grants

  • Supporting local and worldwide research projects

  • Providing information on genetic testing and counselling

  • Holding regular information & respite breaks for parents and carers

  • Running an annual respite and holiday break for adult members. This also benefits the families who looks after them 12 months a year, especially the families where 2 or 3 of their children have this disability

  • Assistance with equipment, accommodation, respite and counselling services

  • Part funding of a dedicated National Ataxia Clinic - the only one in Ireland – and assisting with accommodation and transport for members attending this clinic and other hospital appointments.

  • Organising several social gatherings annually for members and friends.

Our Mission Statement

1. To keep the members informed of all aspects of genetic ataxias and developments in relation to the disorder.

2. To utilise the Society as a pressure group to obtain necessary benefits for its members.

3. To provide advice and material help (whenever possible and feasible) so that those with a genetic ataxia can live as fulfilling a life as possible.

4. To provide a forum where members can air their views and discuss their hopes and aspirations; and to organise meetings and socials to help them to do so.

5. To contribute towards, and support research into, the disorder and towards the assimilation of any other information which may be of benefit to our members.

6. Because Friedreich’s ataxia generally affects children, and as with all the ataxias more than one person in the family can inherit the condition, Ataxia Ireland is very conscious of the heavy burden which this places on the parents and other members of that family.  Our support and facilities are therefore extended to include all the members of that family.

Our Achievements 

  • A dedicated Ataxia Clinic

  • Fund an Ataxia Registrar

  • Co Hosted and Co Funded International Ataxia Conferences in 2008, 2012 and 2015

  • Built strong relations with Ataxia Organisations worldwide and as a result of this we have worked in partnership with other ataxia Patient Organisations to fund research.

We are proud of the connections we have made in the Ataxia Community in Europe and Worldwide and know that together we can achieve so much more for all our Ataxian members with our common goal to find a treatment and ultimately a cure for all the ataxias.

Ataxia Ireland is a registered charity (no 7076)