Federación de Ataxias de España (FEDAES)

Calle Doctor Moreno Nº 5
Bajo 4
47008 Valladolid

Website: http://www.fedaes.org/
Telephone: (+34) 983 278 029 and 601 037 982
Email: info@fedaes.org

FEDAES- Espanish Ataxia Federation

The Ataxia Federation of Spain (FEDAES), is a non-profit organization, encompassing several regional Ataxia associations and is part of other national and European federations, whose principal aim is to promote the study and scientific research in the field of ataxias, these being uncommon hadn't had much research to date. We cannot ignore the great interest in the international scientific world for biomedical research in genetic diseases since, because of their research we have been able to elucidate important aspects regarding how the human brain works, apart from greatly influencing the discovery of effective therapies for neurodegenerative diseases as a whole.

FEDAES is actively working for the health service to bear in mind all citizens equally, and to protect and support the needs of minorities, particularly since, by decision of the European Parliament and of the Council, rare diseases have been declared a priority area for Community action in the framework for action in public health.

Therefore, from these lines we want to encourage the active participation of all stakeholders and / or family, because in "Rare Diseases" such as these, it is necessary to join forces and build a single voice that will be louder the more people shout at once.

Here you can find our newsletter related to ataxia: https://boletines.fedaes.org/web_version/86545/1bvnigkghttp://boletin.fedaes.org