Kanzleistrasse 80
CH-8004 Zürich

Telephone: (+41) 442458030

Website: http://www.muskelgesellschaft.ch/

About SGMK

The FA contact group is a self-help group which is part of the Swiss society for people with muscular disorders, which provides opportunities for people to meet one another in addition to providing professional help and support.

The contact group for people with Friedreich's ataxia was initiated in 1989 by an FA-patient. He wanted to bring the FA-patients closer to each other, to help cope with the loneliness that comes as a result of this rare genetic disorder. Consequently, the first German Swiss group were able to meet and have been building on this ever since.

Our aims

Our main aims are to bring together people with ataxia and their loved ones to annual meetings and get-togethers to foster support through contact with one another.