Euro-ataxia held the latest annual meeting on 9-10th November 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by the German ataxia charity DHAG, organised by Ataxia UK and sponsored by BioMarin.

Ataxia UK’s Research Manager, Julie Greenfield, reports on the meeting:

The annual Euro-ataxia conference took place in Frankfurt on 9th-10th November. This was hosted by the German ataxia charity and organised by Ataxia UK. It was attended by a total of 20 Euro-ataxia representatives from 14 different groups attended (including two new members). We were pleased to have also been sponsored by BioMarin.



Euroataxia meeting 2018 programme (list of talks)

  1. Cathalijne van Doorne (Euroataxia President) and DHAG representative ‘Welcome'
  2. Carola Reinhard (University of Tübingen) ‘Update on the activities of European Reference Network Rare Neurological Disorders activities.’
  3. Prof Thomas Klockgether (University of Bonn) ‘SCA Global Initiative’ update and discussion
  4. Dr Julie Greenfield (Ataxia UK) ‘European Brain Council Value of Treatment project – ataxia study’
  5. Dr George Auburger (Gothhe University, Frankfurt) ‘Approaches for the developement of therapies for SCAs’
  6. Prof Stefan Zielen ‘Goethe University Frankfurt. ‘Recent perspectives in Ataxia telangiectasia research’
  7. Dr Jorg Schultz (replacing Massimo Pandolfo) (University of Aachen) ‘Update on EFACTS
  8. Dr Jorg Schultz ‘Nicotinamide trial update’
  9. Prof Michael Strupp (University Hospital Munnich) ‘Episodic ataxia and cerebellar ataxia trials in Munnich’
  10. Patient groups and pharmaceutical companies working together
  • Introductions from pharmaceutical company representatives from Biomairn and Reata.
  • Kara Eichelkraut (Senior Manager, Patient Advocacy, Reata) ‘Update on the Reata MOXIe Program: A Clinical Trial for Friedreich’s Ataxia’
  • Discussion session between patient groups, researchers and pharmaceutical companies interested in ataxia