One of the main objectives of Euroataxia is to share resources between members to promote best practice for the benefit of ataxia patients. The following are resources that we believe should be shared between carers, patients and professionals with ataxia.

Medical guidelines

Ataxia UK- Management of the ataxias: towards best clinical practice

ADCA Netherlands-
Information for general practitioners and physiotherapists

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 1 - FAQs

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 2- counselling and psycotherapy

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 3 - pregnancy

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 4 - genetic counselling 

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 5- spasticity 

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 6- urinary problems

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 7 - rehabilitation

AFAF Healthcare newsletter 8 - swallowing

European reference networks

In 2005 a taskforce started working on the European Reference Networks for rare neurological diseases. The intention of the network is to facilitate improvements in access to diagnosis, treatment and provision of high-quality, accessible and cost-effective healthcare for patients who have a medical condition requiring a particular concentration of expertise. The networks will also be focal points for medical training and research, information dissemination and evaluation.

On December 15, the European Commission approved the first 23 European Reference Networks for rare diseases (ERNs), including the one covering the ataxias, which is acknowledged to be one of the best examples. You can read their press release here:

First 23 European Reference Networks for Rare Diseases - A milestone for 30 million patients in Europe