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Friedreich's Ataxia Group of German Switzerland


The contact group Friedreich's Ataxia was initiated in 1989
by a FA-patient. He wanted to bring the FA-patients closer
together, the loneliness with this rare genetic
disorder should be interrupted and the exchange be promoted.
As a result, contacts and the first meeting
of German Switzerland emerged soon after.
From 200 estimated patients with ataxia in Switzerland, there
are about 70 members in the FA-group and/or the Muskegesellschaft.


The target is for the FA-contact-group to bring FA-sufferers
and their families together. There are seasonal meetings and
through contacts to each other we try to unite.
The age of FA-patients includes all age categories. Family
members of those affected - by which we mean parents,
partner, friends and related peoples are all welcome.


The FA contact group is a self-help group of the Swiss
society of muscledisease, which in addition offer professional help
and support.