Euro-ataxia is an international non-profit association whose member organisations work together to help people with progressive ataxia lead their best life. We do this by building a strong organisation that represents people with progressive ataxia throughout Europe.


Our Objectives

  • To drive forward research and treatment of the ataxias.
  • To encourage the free flow of information between members on the latest research.
  • To foster and improve contacts between practitioners interested in the ataxias, and people with ataxia.
  • To investigate social, political and cultural matters connected to the welfare of people with ataxia, and promoting and improving the exchange of this information.
  • To promote co-operation on an international level between national ataxia organisations.
  • To raise awareness of ataxia among clinicians, scientists and society.


Our Constitution

Click here to view the Euro-ataxia constitution.


Trustees of Euro-ataxia

President: Cathalijne Van Doorne (ADCA Vereniging Nederland) 

Secretary general: Sue Millman (Ataxia UK)

Treasurer: William Davis (Ataxia Telangiectasia Society)

Board members:

Madeleine Schmeder (Association Française de l'Ataxie de Friedreich) 

Juan Carlos Baiges (Fedaes) 

Bart-Jan Schuman (Friedreich Ataxie Förderverein e.V.)

Andreas Nadke (Deutsche Heredo Ataxie Gesellschaft)


Euro-ataxia Information Leaflet 

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